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Nick Hewitt
Section Secretary
James Whinfrey

'To See the Beginning of Time'

The Northamptonshire Natural History Society (NNHS) is proud to host a dramatic presentation sponsored by the THE PLANETARY SOCIETY to be given by
Andrew Lound, UK National Coordinator.

The Hubble Space telescope is giving humankind a view of the universe never even imagined. From dust clouds to star studded galaxies our minds have been opened to a universe that blends outstanding beauty with mind-boggling scales. Looking into deep space we are looking ever further back in time as it takes the light from the most distance objects many millions of years to reach the mirror of the Hubble. This lecture is illustrated by some of the most beautiful natural images one will ever see and is accompanied by music and high quality video. Sit back, relax and let your mind drift into the far reaches of the universe.

On Monday 30th March 2015. The doors open at 7:00pm and the presentation starts at 7:30pm.

Entry is free and all are welcome.

The Humfrey Rooms, 10 Castilian Terrace, Northampton, NN1 1LD.

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Image credits: NASA (Hourglass nebula), Stellarium (background image)

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3 March 2015 (v 30)