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Seán Karley

The Geology Section was one of the first sections formed in the Society. In the past it included such famous geologists as Beeby Thompson and C.E.Crick. We hold a considerable part of Crick’s collection of fossils, and over 1200 other specimens of rocks and minerals. We also hold the Gordon Osborne Sand collection, which is probably still the largest collection of sand in private hands in the world. We have just started curating this; any help would be most welcome.

We hold indoor meetings throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring months, on the third Thursday each month, at 2:30 pm. These are on various aspects of Geology, and usually include a slide show. Some are by members of the NNHS; for others we have visiting speakers.

We are starting to hold field trips again during 2011. Anyone who would like to lead a walk themselves would be most welcome to do so. All members of the Society are invited to visit the Secretary, Seán, at Gaping Gill in Yorkshire in the week before the August Bank Holiday, when the Craven Pothole Club has a “Winch Meet”. They set up a winching system to lower cavers and members of the general public down the deepest open pothole in the Britsh Isles, 323 feet. He cannot do anything about the winch fee (£15 each), but if you can get into some suitable gear he will take you out into the system to try your hands (and knees, and everything else!) at real caving. More information from him, or visit the

For further information, please contact the secretary Seán Karley on 01933 225397, via the “Contact Us” form, or by post at:

30 Harrowden Road

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