Northamptonshire Natural History Society
Microscopy Section




   Richard Young      

          Mike Gibson 


  Tuesday, 1st September FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE ON BASIC MICROSCOPY Session 1: Choosing & Purchasing your first microscope; How to set up and get the best from your microscope; Making temporary slides for viewing specimens.
Tuesday, 6th October FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE ON BASIC MICROSCOPY Session 2: Enhance that image by using different lighting techniques with your microscope.
Tuesday, 3rd November

FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE ON BASIC MICROSCOPYSession 3 : Mounting specimens for the microscope, including temporary mounts, dry mounts, acetate peels, simple staining techniques, mounting media, etc.

Tuesday, 1st December

FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE ON BASIC MICROSCOPY.Session 4 : Photography through the Microscope;  General principles explained, including some simple set-ups for use with digital cameras.

Tuesday, 5th January BRING, SHOW & TELL EVENING - members opportunity to bring along an unusual or interesting piece of equipment or specimen for everyone to see and comment on.
Tuesday, 2nd February VICTORIAN MICROSCOPE SLIDE EVENING – rare and previously unseen slides from the society’s archives will be on display and viewed using a micro-projector.
Tuesday, 2nd March FERNS – an illustrated talk by Seán Karley (joint meeting with Botany Section TBC)
Tuesday, 6th April MEMBERS’ PHOTOGRAPHIC EVENING – an opportunity to show off your latest pictures (ALL sections welcome!)
Tuesday, 4th May GUEST SPEAKER – to be arranged
Tuesday, 1st June “SUMMER SUNSHINE!” – an illustrated account of two hours observation of a bush in flower by John & Patricia Smeathers.
Sunday, 27th June ANNUAL MICROSCOPY EXHIBITION. Sales, demonstrations and lectures. Contact Cyril Sampson on for further details and a booking form.   10.00am start.
Tuesday, 6th July OPEN AIR MEETING AT DUSTON by invitation only. Hosted by John & Patricia Smeathers. Starting at 7.00pm.
Tuesday, 3rd August MEMBERS INTERESTS including laboratory session and general gossip meeting. A chance to ask questions on equipment and techniques.

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