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16 November 2012 @ 7:30pm

The Humfrey Lecture 2012

'The Accidental Adventurer'


Richard Terry

We were delighted to welcome Richard Terry as guest speaker at our Annual Humfrey Lecture in November. Richard is well known for his television work for the Animal Planet series and National Geographic and he entertained us with stories of his amazing experiences with wildlife in Alaska and in particular his one-man mission to film 'Life with Bears' for which he was cameraman, script writer, narrator and producer and which has been seen by television viewers all over the world. His resourcefulness and courage in coping with the harsh conditions in such a remote and challenging environment and his determination to capture unique pictures of a family of wild bears over a period of six months impressed us all and his talk was warmly received by an enthusiastic audience.

Richard Terry addressing the audience (Photo: Paul Hayes)

An audience enthralled (Photo: Neil Griffin)

Jo Underwood and Richard Terry (Photo: Paul Hayes)

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