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The Annual Humfrey Lecture

Every year, the Society hosts the annual Humfrey Lecture. This highlight of the year has seen some world famous people come to the Northamptonshire Natural History Society to share their knowledge and give a talk to Society members.

Year Guest speaker Subject
1983 Gordon Langsbury Natural History Bird Photography
1984 Dr George Peterkin Natural Woodland
1985 Dr David Hughes Halley's Comet
1986 Dr John Catt Sand Minerals in Soil
1987 Robin Emmerson 18th Century Arts and Etiquette
1988 Marion Ilsey Wither Weather
1989 Johnathan Shanklin Antarctic Adventure
1990 Brian Ford My Life With Microscopes
1991 Robin Emmerson Armour Haute Couture
1992 Victor Scott Wild Orchids
1993 John Mason Remarkable Comets
1994 Steph Megam Successful Wildlife Photography
1995 Ian Redmond Gorillas In The Mist
1996 Dr Brian Mathews The Bulbous Plants of Acia Minor Iran & Uybekistan
1997 Stuart Clark Redshift
1998 Diana Sutherland Geology Above Ground
1999 Dr Fransisco Diego The Magic Of Solar Eclipses
2000 Phil Richadson Bats Of Northamptonshire
2001 Sir Patrick Moore 1957!
2002 Jill Gent G.C. Druce and Northants Flora
2003 John Ward A Birder's Year
2004 Mike Dean A Walk Through the Himalayan Foothills to Mount Everest
2005 Dr David Gavine Scottish Stones
2006 Andy Lound Titanic The True Story
2007 Dr David Bellamy Natural History Stitching
2008 Jim Bacon Weather
2009 Oliver Crimmen My World of Fish
2010 Will Wagstaff The Scilly Isles and its Wildlife
2011 Simon Watt Inside Natures Giants
2012 Richard Terry The Accidental Adventurer
2013 Prof. Bob Lambourne The Universe and Nature's Laws
2014 Prof. Andrew Norton Planets beyond our Solar System
2015 Mark Avery A Message From Martha
2016 Michael Leach It's a Funny Way to Make a Living

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