Northamptonshire Natural History Society

Photography Section

Section President
Dave Belton
Section Secretary
Dave Bowen

Photographic programme 2017-18: ** details available to download **

Paul Hayes

We are the longest established photographic society in Northamptonshire, founded in 1895. The photography section meets Wednesday evenings at the Humfrey Rooms. Doors open at 7:45pm with the meetings starting at 8:00pm. All photographic subjects are covered in our meetings.

Paul Hayes

We aim to help everybody improve and enjoy their photography by sharing knowledge and expertise. Through informal lectures, demonstrations, workshops and competitions, with a bias towards digital, covering the acquisition, processing and final display of the image.

Paul Hayes

A warm welcome is offered by all our members. Their interests cover most formats and methods, including traditional mono and colour printing, slides, and Digital Imaging using computers and inkjet printers. We cover all photographic subjects at our meetings including, portraiture, pictorial, abstract, natural history, and landscapes.

Next meeting:

Wed, 20 Sep 2017, 20:00
photo mounting, plus adventures in audio visuals
by Steve Dormer. A two part evening. The first is the postponed demonstration by Steve of how to cut your own photo mounts. For the second part Steve will speak about his recent interest in making Audio visual presentations, and then demonstrate some of his results.

* Where: [HR = Humfrey Rooms, Out = See details]

Image credits: Martin Andrews (Sarasota Sands: background), Paul Hayes (Sparks), Mary Seaton (Mushrooms), Cyril Sampson (Urban sunset)

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