About Us

The Northamptonshire Natural History Society was established in 1876.


We welcome all who are interested in the wonders of science and nature. We cater for all levels of interest, from those who are just starting to realise how amazing nature is, to those who have a life-long passion for the natural world.


The Society has it's own rooms and laboratory, located near the Derngate & Royal Theatres in the centre of Northampton.  There are over 150 meetings, walks and visits per year, arranged by the different sections.


There are ten sections that make up the NNHS. The society has its own rooms and laboratory located near the centre of Northampton, near the Derngate & Royal.


Over 150 meetings, walks and visits are held throughout the year, arranged by the different sections of the society. Membership covers all NNHS meetings, visits and events.


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The NNHS publishes a Journal annually.

One copy free per NNHS membership subscription.

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