We hold indoor meetings throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring months, on the first Thursday each month, at 2:30pm. These are on various aspects of Botany, and usually include a slide show. Some are by members of the NNHS; for others we have visiting speakers.


During the Summer months we hold a number of field trips. These are usually lead by Seán Karley, and members of other Societies are invited to these. These include the Kettering Natural History Society, the Wildlife Trust, The Wildflower Society, and the British Plant Gall Society. We go to a range of sites; the walking is very gentle; we usually manage to cover a mere mile or so in each hour, so that we can pay close attention to the plants along the route. Anyone who would like to lead a walk themselves would be most welcome to do so. The main requirement is that you should be able to find the way home.


We are also in process of curating the Society herbarium.



This section has been active since the very beginning of the Society. Founder members included H.N.Dixon, who at that time was the leading authority on the Mosses and Liverworts in Britain, and also George Claridge Druce. Although Druce left Northampton for Oxford shortly after our foundation he always maintained close contacts with the NNHS. Indeed he later served a term as President of the Society, while doing sterling work in Botany, particularly in the Botanical Exchange Club, now the Botanical Society of the British Isles. He was also on the City Council in Oxford, and there had a term as Mayor.



This contains a range of older Botanical books as well as some of the latest publications.

Contact details For further information, please contact the secretary Seán Karley on 01933 225397, email via the Contact Form, or by post at:

30 Harrowden Road