Particulate Sensor Data


The Northamptonshire Natural History Society has a particulate sensor installed at the Humfrey Rooms.  This measures atmospheric particulates.


In the map below The hexagons represent the median of the current values of the sensors which are contained in the area, according to the option selected (PM10, PM2.5, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, AQI). You can refer to the scale on the left side of the map.


By clicking on a hexagon, you can display a list of all the corresponding sensors as a table. The first column lists the sensor-IDs. In the first line, you can see the amount of sensor in the area and the median value. 


By clicking on the plus symbol next to a sensor ID, you can display two graphics: the individual measurements for the last 24 hours and the 24 hours floating mean for the last seven days. For technical reasons, the first of the 8 days displayed on the graphic has to stay empty.The values are refreshed every 5 minutes in order to fit with the measurement frequency of the Airrohr sensors.